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Northern Quarter, Manchester

After consciously postponing our wellness festival until autumn (dates TBC) the Active Wellness Centre have kindly offered us their space to host a FREE one-day wellness event instead. 


The same professionals/healers/space holders/body workers who were joining the festival have also gifted us their time and will be offering free workshops, talks and classes. There will be psychedelic art displays (some of which is for sale) as well as other arts and crafts from members of the community.

You are welcome to come along, even if you do not attend any of the things happening on the day. Members of the community will be around and there will be other things happening, including opportunities to meet interesting people and have meaningful conversations. The Active Wellness Cafe will be serving food and drink all day (food is the only thing that isn't free).

11.00am - Guided meditation

12.00pm - Kundalini Yoga

2.00pm - Arts & Crafts Workshop

2.30pm - Movement & Meditation

4.30pm - Kambo Talk

7.00pm - Ecstatic Dance & Sound Journey


Food & Drink (no alcohol)

Psychedelic Arts & Crafts


Guided meditations

Quiet rooms

More TBC


Saturday 16th July


10.00am - Gathering opens

The centre will open at this time for people to settle in to the space. There will be some of the community members showcasing their artwork, along with other stalls. The cafe will be serving food and drinks.

11.00am - 11.45am - Opening meditation - Ashleigh

Ashleigh originally started her journey into deepening her spiritual relationship and ancestral guidance through her connection with Sound Healing , Cacao & Ceremony.

In this guided meditation, Ashleigh will use singing bowls to guide you through a relaxing meditation, designed to calm the nervous system and invite a sense of Presence.

12.00 - 1.30pm - Yoga & Meditation Class - Kaye

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. We experience the transformative powers of movement, meditation and breathwork. It is the perfect time to meditate, manifest your dreams and shine your light by connecting deeply with your creative energy force. 

Tapping in and attuning to the Kundalini energy within. An insightful and playful class with guided meditation and mantras. If you are totally new to the practices.. welcome! No experience or knowledge needed. You are welcome to stay after class for a cup of tea and chat.

* Activate the magic powerful energy that lives inside every being 
* Increase body flexibility and strength in a very accessible way 
* Deepen your meditation experiences 
* Manage your mind and emotions 
* and much more…

2.00 - 4.00pm - Arts & Crafts Workshop - Saskia

This workshop is all about tapping into creativity and expression! Some of our members have volunteered to be present to share their particular artistic gifts and to support others in making their own pieces. Materials are provided along with good conversation, and supportive lead members. This is a great workshop for creatively integrating experiences. 

2.30 - 4.00pm - Movement & Meditation - Matt Gunn


Matt Gunn ​is a transformational coach, supporting people to get out of their heads and into their hearts. Matt practises trauma informed breath work, is an embodiment coach and transformational psychotherapist. In this session, Matt will combine movement and breath, along with space holding for the attending to experience the process of releasing that which is no longer serving.

4.30 - 5.30pm - The History & Practice of Kambo - David

Kambo is a therapeutic substance that hails from the Amazon jungle and it is likely that Kambo has been used for Millennia. The tribes that work with it have no memory of the exact time of its origin only ancient stories. 


In this talk, David will share his knowledge about Kambo and its traditional uses in the Amazon, what modern science has revealed about its actions on the body and his own Journey to become a Kambo practitioner. 

7.00 - 9.00pm - Ecstatic Dance - David

Ecstatic ​dance is a form of movement that encourages people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to immerse themselves in a nonjudgmental space, and allow their bodies to move as they desire. David will provide a soundtrack and gentle invitations to allow you to fully release into the moment. A space will be held afterwards for those wishing to share their experience.

9.00 - 10.00pm - Sound Journey - Awaiting confirmation of practitioner


This session is suitable for sensitive people and those wishing to relax in a gentle held space. There is an optional gentle guided reflective process before and after the sound bath - you choose how deeply you go and what feels sustainable for you.

  • How much does it cost to come along?
    This is a completely free event, although you still need to book anything you'd like to attend and can do this via the ticket link. You can also come along to the Active Wellness Centre without a ticket to socialise, view arts and crafts stalls and enjoy some of the lovely food that will be on offer. There will also be quiet spaces and meditations taking place that aren't on the main schedule.
  • Where is the gathering taking place?
    Everything will take place at the Active Wellness Centre in Manchester's Northern Quarter. 79a Lever Street Manchester M1 1FL There is no parking on site, however it is a short walk from the city centre by foot.
  • What will the 'vibe' be like?
    Whilst events are happening, we anticipate that people will be socialising and enjoying each other's company. There will be a small number of stalls showcasing members art work and some community merchandise available to buy. Great people in a lovely space.
  • Is the venue accessible?
    We love the space at Active Wellness Centre (AWC), and are acutely aware that at present, it is not an accessible venue. We are working with AWC to secure funding to correct this. The Active Wellness Centre welcome donations towards this aim.
  • Can I bring drugs/alcohol to the gathering?
    There is a strict zero alcohol and drugs policy at the gathering. This is to ensure the space is safe for those attending. Anyone seen using drugs or drinking alcohol will be asked to leave, provided they are safe to do so. Safe spaces are provided for those who need support.
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