About us

If you're interested in meeting genuinely decent people and you enjoy deep conversation, our community might be for you. Whilst many of our members share an interest in the psychedelic space, it is not the only thing we talk about. Many of our members are interested in self-development, spirituality and other alternative states of consciousness. 

We host regular social gatherings and events including educational talks, workshops and wellbeing groups e.g. breath work classes, meditation courses and sound journeys.


We are a wonderfully diverse group of people. Many of our members attend events by themselves and have made friends through being a member of the community. We are an LGBT+ inclusive and anti-racist community and many of our members identify as neuro-diverse.  


Our main events are held in Manchester City Centre, with others happening across the Greater Manchester area. If you have any questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Adam Laidler

Founder & Event Organiser


Briony Gunson

Breathwork Coach & Space Holder



Volunteers needed

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