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Are you passionate about psychedelic experiences and their potential for personal growth, healing and community transformation? Do you want to play an active role in shaping the direction and activities of our psychedelic community? If so, we are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join us as Community Guardians.

As a Community Guardian, you will have a unique opportunity to be at the heart of our vibrant and inclusive psychedelic community. You will collaborate with fellow guardians, meeting monthly (up to six hours) to brainstorm and explore innovative ideas for future events, including talks, workshops, and gatherings. Your input will help shape the vision and direction of our community, ensuring it remains dynamic and engaging for all participants.

Your role as a Community Guardian will also involve reviewing valuable feedback from our community members. By carefully considering their suggestions, you will help make informed decisions that guide the future growth and development of our community.

Financial stewardship is another critical aspect of this role. You will work with the team to review the community's finances and thoughtfully allocate resources to support various initiatives and events that align with our shared values.

As a guardian, you will also have the opportunity to actively support events in person. Your presence and support will foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that community members feel safe, included, and connected.


We enthusiastically welcome applications from individuals from marginalised communities, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives and voices in our community. If you are passionate about psychedelics, dedicated to community-building, and excited to contribute your skills and experiences, we invite you to submit a 200 word letter of interest to us via email. Tell us why you are interested in this role and what unique qualities you can bring to our vibrant psychedelic community. If written form is not your strength, you may also submit a video or audio file (up to five minutes long), or request a phone call with Adam, our Community Custodian.

Join us as a Community Guardian and help shape the future of our local psychedelic community. Together, let's explore the transformative power of psychedelics and build a supportive, inclusive, and inspiring community for all.



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